Friday, June 24, 2011

winner for this year at community college contest

In addition to sponsoring the winner of the $500 scholarship at the local high school, I also make a $100 award at the local college, where in the late 1990s Jim attended, worked, joined the honor society, earned his web-authoring certificate and won four awards in the annual writing contest. The award is to recognize the person considered as the single best author in that contest. Here is that winner's mini-auto-biography.

Born in Los Angeles, California, the first of eight children, Theresa Lopez grew up in a strong, traditional Catholic family. At age nineteen, she gave birth to her first daughter and then married her high school sweetheart two years later. After thirteen years of marriage, five children, and rigid religious expectations, Theresa Lopez decided to become more than an ordinary housewife and mother. She enrolled in classes at Victor Valley Community College not only to begin an educational career, but to begin a journey of self-discovery in psychology, philosophy, feminist study, art and freedom through writing. She will graduate from Victor Valley Community College with high honors this June (2011) and will transfer to The University of La Verne to continue her education in Psychology, Philosophy and Art.

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