Thursday, March 15, 2012

I wish you peace and beauty, especially today

This would have been, should have been, Jim's 49th birthday.

May his goodness live on in all your hearts the way it does in mine every single day.

I can't think of anything more to say, so I'll just share one of his earliest and best photographs.


  1. A beautiful picture to remind us of a beautiful life. Jim is one of the tallest (of heart) men I know.
    Hugs to you, Judy!
    Guaren Long

  2. Great photo. I like the mist that goes along with the outdoors wilderness scene.
    - Brian C.

  3. Terrific photo; I can see why you like it.

  4. Happy Birthday to Jim and love to you. I know how much you miss him.

    Take care, Judy.